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David Ragg

“I was born into a world of flowers - I remember the first floral demonstration I ever saw and wow… those people were like rockstars to me!” So says David Ragg of Lansdowne Flowers, who would carry that love of flowers all the way to being named UK Florist Of The Year in 2000, and beyond. The drive and passion that keeps David going is probably well encapsulated by his answer to our question of what flower he would be. “A tulip,” he says. “Free-spirited, youthful and fun!”

Floom Lansdowne Florist Studio 2
No other gift can capture so many emotions and flowers are natures own gift to us!
Floom Lansdowne Florist Studio 3
They always surprise, enchant and invigorate. Every single emotion can be portrayed with flowers the options are endless.
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