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Three years is a long time to commit to anything, but that’s exactly what Flowerology founder Caroline did when she signed up to a local floristry night course back in 2012. Of course Caroline was already a flower-lover - “I was an only child and spent a lot of time in the garden playing with flowers, making daisy chains and various petal-infused potions,” she says. “The scents and textures of rose petals in particular I found fascinating.” Attending the flower course as an adult brought that magic back into her life, and she fell in love not only with the blooms themselves but the art of arranging as well. “I love flower work because it’s so therapeutic for the mind,” she says. “It is almost like painting, but without a brush.” It’s a fitting comparison, not least because when we ask Caroline about her biggest floristry influences, she instantly leapt to, “the Dutch masters who painted such beautiful, still life pictures all those centuries ago. They truly understood the beauty of flowers and many of the best florists today still take inspiration from that period and those paintings I think.” Now serving up all manner of wonderful arrangements to the good people of Birmingham, her favourite moments come when running her own floristry workshops - passing on the feelings she experienced when learning herself, seeing that special spark of flower-love ignite within other people. It’s not a hard sell obviously, after all, as Caroline notes: “everybody loves flowers! I think it’s becuase they are so fleeting that they are so beautiful. Knowing that we only have a short time to enjoy them, they feel precious, and we enjoy them even more.” And finally, if Caroline was to be any flower herself? “I'd be a big fat scented English tea rose- adored by many, but just too much for some!”

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My floral style would definitely be described as informal, wild, romantic!

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