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Berkshire — Hungerford

Martin & the Magpie

This florist delivers between 10am - 5pm on:

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We’re going to give the lovely folk at Martin And The Magpie a pass for using the phrase, “hipster chic” to describe what they do - probably because deep down we know that’s how we’d like to describe ourselves... But also, more importantly, because their flair for creating stunning bouquets goes beyond words. Based in Hungerford, their floral passion boils down to a love for all things fresh and local. “From the first snowdrop to the last dahlia, all are greeted with excitement as soon as they come into season, and we are always sad when their seasons finish. Every flower that leaves our shop is loved.”

Floom Martin Magpie Studio 2
Flowers convey emotions. They say things words can’t express and flowers are always appropriate.
Floom Martin Magpie Studio 3
From the first snowdrop to the last dahlia, they are all greeted with excitement when they come into season and we are always sad when their seasons finish.
Martin & the Magpie Limited|10660405|Ramsbury House Charnham Lane Hungerford Berkshire RG17 0EY