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Bedfordshire — Arlesley

Vintage Rose

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Based in the small town of Arlesey in Bedfordshire, Vintage Rose is helmed by Anita. A florist with over 20 years of experience under her belt she strives to put her customers emotions behind her creations “Want to send a bouquet expressing your love and affection to your soul mate?” says Anita “we’ll make sure the recipient is fully aware!” With Anita’s vast knowledge of flowers (she knows all their names in Latin), we can guarantee you’re in good hands when it comes to bunches of Gentianaceae, Bellis perennis, or Rhodothamnus chamaecistus (even if we can’t pronounce them ourselves!)

Floom Defauld Studio Photo 2
If my personality was a flower it would be a sunflower because they are bold and happy.
Floom Defauld Studio Photo 3
Flowers and colours have different meaning and can express someone's emotions perfectly.
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